Mobile Water Treatment Vehicle – GAL MOBILE

Unique, independent, integrated water treatment system designed to produce high quality drinking water as per World Health Organization standards everywhere in any conditions. The system is designed & developed considering many aspects, the foremost is multiple water sources treatment in a single unit.

Following types of water sources can be treated in this system.

  • Sea Water
  • Brackish Water
  • Lake water
  • Well water
  • Highly turbidity water


  • Combine all elements needed to provide drinking water: Source- Treatment- Storage- Distribution Produce drinking water from any contaminated water source.
  • Independent in terms of power requirement. No requirement of electricity for water treatment.
  • Purification Capacity:
        1. For Sea Water Source: up to 20000 liter per day.
        2. For Brackish water / other surface Water Source: up to 80000 liter per day.
  • Operating time min. 80 hours without refuelling.
  • Integrated water storage tank.
  • Integrated with existing water distribution system.
  • Capable to interface with local distribution system and source.
  • Lightweight: 3,637 pound / 1,650 Kg (Dry).
  • Easily Transferable to any location and high level of safety.
  • Plug & Play configuration.
  • Deployment: less than 30 minutes by 2 people.
  • Self-Diagnostic features.
  • Measures major water parameters online.