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Non Containerized Solution

Aerobic treatment for water and wastewater is highly effective and widely in use.

This technology is a proprietary process that utilizes biofilm grown on carrier media which aerobically degrade soluble organic pollutants in wastewater.

The MBBR (Moving Bed Biological Reactor) technology is a simple, single-through process, where all biological activity takes place on the biomass carriers.

Typically the Process includes,

  • Pre-treatment
  • Primary Treatment
  • Secondary Treatment
  • Post Treatment Filtration or ultra filtration and disinfection

This process prevents sludge recycle from a secondary clarifier. MBBR technology is robust and reduces soluble pollutants with minimal process complexity. MBBR solutions also utilize a significantly smaller physical footprint compared to conventional aerobic treatment methods.

This technology provides cost-effective treatment with minimal maintenance since MBBR processes self-maintain an optimum level of productive biofilm.

MBBR is typically used for either high load industrial applications, as stand-alone or as a buffer stage, as well as for robust simple-to-operate municipal facilities.

Non Containerized Solution

The Technology

Multi Stage Biological Treatment (MSBT) is an efficient method of domestic and industrial waste water treatment based on spatial microorganism's succession and trophic hydrobiont chains.

Reaction Stages

In a Multi Stage Biological Reactor there are three reaction phases:

Stage 1 - Log Growth

A fast adsorption of the substrate of the wastewater to activated sludge (attached and suspended). In this process most of the BOD is removed.

Stage 2 - Declining Growth

In the Declining Growth phase, Sophisticated oxidization of adsorbed organic materials and dissolved organic solids which come in contact with the activated sludge.

Stage 3 - Endogenic Phase

In this final phase, aeration continues more than needed for sanitization. In this process the destruction of sludge particles is carried out during self-breathing.

Hence, No organic sludge will be produced.

MSBT Key Features

  • No Organic Sludge
  • High Quality Effluent
  • No Primary or Secondary Settling Required
  • No Return Sludge Pumping
  • Very less Chemical usage
  • Lower Energy Consumption


  • The Treatment result negligible amount of organic SLUDGE.
  • Minimum operating costs.
  • No need for sludge treatment- reduces operating costs.
  • No need for return sludge pumping (minimizing electro mechanical component).
  • Reducing 90% of the "headache" - Due to the absence of organic sludge.
  • The system enables excellent tertiary effluent quality using only physical filtration and residual disinfection.
  • High effluent quality.
  • High Modularity.