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SSBI-K&K provide cost effective Wrapped Bale system to handle municipal waste which make its transportation very easy. Wrapped bales can be quickly loaded onto any type of truck. High density Wrapped bales easily maximize truck load weight for efficient transportation.

SSBI-K&K Bailing of Solid waste is a unique, fast, cost effective globally implemented Solid waste processing solution applicable for all type of wastes which are processed and then baled, wrapped through a specialized series of equipment. This is one of the most convenient solution under "Swach Bharat Mission". Various Urban and Municipal organization globally has implemented this effectively as a immediate waste processing solution with cost effectiveness in terms of storing the waste in the landfills & reducing huge cost of transportation with present waste handling expenses.

Inorganic, Organic, Mixed Waste, Dirt, Moisture, Plastic.

Municipal Solid Waste, Waste Land mining .

150 TPD I 300 TPD I 600 TPD to 5000 TPD.

  • Till 70% of landfill waste volume reduction.
  • Transportation and Handling cost of waste from the transfer site to Main Dump site reduces significantly.
  • No Leachate generation as the moisture is removed. Due to efficient wrapping No Odour /Smell in dump sites. Due to wrapped waste, No scattering of waste.
  • No Ground water contamination. Landfill capacity increase more than 60%.
  • Reuse of the Baled waste in existing composting & Bio Gas plants. Rest Baled waste can be used as land filling and barriers or used as fuels thus reducing the Land fill burden and leading to a ZERO WASTE.

Can get installed in the same waste land fill area. Starting from 0.5 Acre onwards for 300 Tpd.

Globally implemented in Asia, Europe, USA, Africa, North America.

15 years.

1.5 to 2 Tons.

  • MSW at the rate of 150 to 5000 tons per day will be received at the processing site. Operating equipment will be sized according to the MSW volume and may include multiple processing lines in order to accommodate larger daily MSW volumes.
  • Bulk MSW will be uniformly sized.
  • Metals to be removed.
  • Shredded MSW will be screened for removing Dirt & Food waste.
  • Further processed and De-Moisturized.
  • Screened MSW will be fed to the K&K twin ram Bailing Machine to produce dense and stable bales. The baler design is crucial to insure that waste liquid is properly removed and that baler operation is computer coordinated with other line equipments.
  • Bales will be wrapped with specialized wrapping system and utilizing low density polyethylene plastic stretch wrap.

Bailing of Municipal Solid Waste-Western India.

300 TPD. MSW - Organic, Plastics, Moisture, Inert, Inorganic.

Cost of waste handling with High transportation cost. Reduction of trucks to reduce daily waste handling expenses.

SSBI KNK Bale system with inline feed handling system.

300 TPD with handling cost per day around 4.5 Lacs. Annually to 16.5 Cr expense by Municipality.

  • Reduction of Annual expenses by 45%. Short ROI.
  • Trucks for transportation are reduced to 60 -70%.
  • Volume of waste reduced to 70%.
  • No Smell / Odor generated , No scattering of waste in Landfill.
  • No Ground water contamination , No Leachate generation.
  • No Scientific land fill required.
  • Landfill capacity increased.
  • ZERO waste process initiation.
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