Know Something About Us..!

Welcome TO SSBI

SSB Infra is a company which offers Turnkey solution in the field of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment, Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Desalination Solution and Infrastructure Designing Solutions.

SSBI possesses expertise in Solid Waste Management solution which includes state of the art Unique Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Solution based on Electro Magnetic Wave heating phenomenon. The solution is one of the ideal for MSW conversion of ZERO WASTE.

Our customized sewage treatment solution based on Biological phenomenon offers effective sewage Treatment. The solution follows ZERO Liquid discharge (ZLD) policy which is globally coveted standard for STP.

SSBI provides solution in Water Treatment Plant based on Client requirement. We offer solution based on technologies like Reverse Osmosis, Ultra filtration, Nano Filtration, UV disinfection and offer the best possible solution to the client in cost effective manner.

We offer Desalination solution based on Reverse Osmosis process which also has Energy Recovery Device which will help to save energy which is utilized for the plant operation.

SSBI also provides Turnkey solution in Infrastructure design & development Projects.

Standard Certifications and Awards

SSBI is recognized for high quality products and services, and is committed towards excellence. The company also places great importance on customers' health and safety in the provision and use of its products and services.

S.S.B.I. Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide customers with wholesome, safe and proven deliverable and client satisfaction in products & turnkey projects within scheduled time frame.

It is our endeavour to get the feedback from our esteemed clients and to measure their satisfaction level and further improve upon them. For us quality is a way of life, source of inspiration, satisfaction and pride of striding ahead in business process.

We established and maintain the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 quality management systems and continually improving the system.

Customers' health and safety impacts are constantly assessed over the products life cycle stages for improvement. Policies, procedures, guidelines on environment, health and safety are implemented to ensure that customers' health and safety are not compromised. For more on SSBI awards and achievements click here

Our Vision

To grow our portfolio of environmental investments while making a significant contribution to preserving a sustainable environment and investing in a cleaner future.

At SSBI we believe the future quality of human life is dependent on both economic vitality and a healthy, sustainable natural environment. We do not see these goals as mutually exclusive, but inextricably linked. Mankind's future depends on meeting the needs and aspirations of a growing global population, while enhancing and protecting the ecosystem on which all life depends.

In keeping with our pledge to strive for economic, environmental, and social equity, we have launched "Perfect Vision," a broad initiative that sets significant sustainability targets for the Future, including :

  • Zero landfill
  • Zero hazardous waste generation
  • Zero air emissions
  • 100 percent green electrical energy use
  • Company buildings constructed to a minimum LEED Silver certification

We recognize the challenges inherent in setting such goals, but we believe the exercise of sound strategic thinking across our enterprise, coupled with evolving technologies, will enable us to achieve our objectives.

Our Mission

SSBI has one mission to convert the world’s waste into renewable energy. To achieve this mission, we have designed and implemented the simplest and most practical, modular, scalable waste gasification and energy recovery systems available anywhere in the world. Implementation of our solutions provides economic incentives for our customers, employees, stakeholders and partners. It also fulfills the social and moral responsibilities we have as a global inhabitant and a people.

Our mission is to provide fully sustainable and environmentally responsible systems for the recovery of energy and the production of viable end products from municipal solid waste, making the goal of "zero waste" both realistic and achievable. We strive to complete the cycle of sustainability and move closer to energy independence by first recycling as much of our municipal solid waste as possible and then processing 100% of the residual waste into energy and products that can be beneficially reused.