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Mobile Water Treatment Vehicle – SSBI-CDS 1000

S.S.B.I. provide Custom, Affordable Containerized Treatment Systems for Industrial and Municipal Use. Custom modular solutions for remote and urban communities cater to the needs of both rural and city dwellers and transient and permanent populations.

S.S.B.I. designs systems to meet clients' specific needs - from self - contained systems to modular plants. Containerized RO systems produce drinking water from almost any source, including seawater and brackish water.

S.S.B.I. provides Custom, Affordable Containerized Desalination Solutions as per requirement.

Containerized RO systems produce drinking water from saline water.
The Design Parameters for containerized Desalination Model SSBI – CDS 1000 are mentioned below:
Permeate Flow (m3/day) : 1000
Feed flow (m3/hr) : up to 93
Recovery : up to 50%
TDS : up to 15,000 ppm
Water Temperature : 10 °C to 30 °C
Turbidity : less than 20 NTU

The overall process starts from sea water intake followed by Pre filtration system in order to remove solid particles. UF membrane is to be used to remove fine particulate matter. The system also includes back wash process too.

The Reverse Osmosis membranes are used to remove dissolved solids in sea water by a mechanical process which reverses and overcomes the osmotic pressure of sea water by passing water through the membranes while salts are retained.

The system also has Energy Recovery Devise (ERD) in order to reduce overall power consumption of the system. The system also has chemical cleaning system as well as PLC based control system.

The solution produces drinking water as per the IS 10500:2012 standard or WHO standard.

Various standard models of containerized desalination solutions are SSBI – CDS 100 (Capacity: 100 m3/day), SSBI – CDS 250 (Capacity: 250 m3/day), SSBI – CDS 500 (Capacity: 500 m3/day) & SSBI – CDS 1000 (Capacity: 1000 m3/day).

Apart from our standard models, we also design customized solution as per requirements.

The solution can be used for Municipal as well as Industrial use as per requirement.

These solutions can be provided as a complete water treatment plant solution for drinking water or commercial & industrial process water. Our small - to medium - sized desalination plants have capacities from 150 to 50,000 m3 per day.

These reverse osmosis desalination system solution would encompass:

  • Energy efficient and environmentally conscious feed water intakes.
  • Specialized pretreatment.
  • Reverse osmosis desalination process.
  • Post Remineralization.
  • Disinfection and brine discharge in both brackish water and sea water applications.
  • Storage / Distribution.